Making Cookie Cat charms from Steven Universe


If you haven’t seen the first episode of Steven Universe you probably won’t get what this post is all about. But if you have, I present to you…

cookiecat 3


As a bit of an experiment I thought it’d be fun to make the packaging too – and although I didn’t get a side view of it before posting it to my friends Ceri and Eira, I can promise that it looked just like this 🙂

To make them, I bought a cat cookie cutter on eBay, which didn’t arrive for nearly 6 weeks, so I abandoned the wait and instead constructed a very dangerous cutting template out of a Coke can, using this instructable.

I then rolled out brown, candyfloss pink and white sculpey with a wine bottle (because who has rolling pins now) to approx 4mm thick, and cut my cat shapes out. I halved the white and pink cats, and fused half white to half pink, using the other half to make the second cookie cat.


Two eye holes on two of the brown cutouts, and a metal keyring jabbed into the top of the pink/white sculpey. At this point you want to make sure your sculpey is as flat as you can get it, and the side you DON’T want to see should be face down on the foil. I learnt the hard way that letting the foil touch the outside when cooking leaves you with random shiny bits of cookie cat. Sad.

Once they’re out of the oven, glue them together (I used super-strength UHU, but you can use anything that sticks. Just make sure it’s a glue that won’t dissolve polymer clay (which rules out a lot of superglues.) I’d recommend Araldite/epoxy resin if you have the patience.)

cookie cat 4

You can varnish your Cookie Cats if you like, but I think they look more realistic without the varnish. Then, pop them in the packaging (made on Illustrator with painstaking measuring and craft-knife cutout), and you’re done!

EDIT: I’ve updated the packaging template to be actually useable by other people!

Click to download Cookie Cat Packaging Template (PDF)




Making Cookie Cat charms from Steven Universe