The Frog Prints

The pre-spawn has turned me into a zombie this week, so thought I’d cash in on the down-time and make a tribute to my favourite literary hero: the Frog Prince. Hand-crowned with gold ink:


Below is my first attempt…

Which I was fairly happy with – except for the fact that I had to draw in the eyes, and fill in a bit of the belly with pen (got overenthusiastic with the cutter).

I also learnt that wood filler does NOT fix mistakes permanently. It worked okay for one print, but after rinsing down the lino the wood-filler disintegrated, leaving me with a sticky brown mess in my lino. So I abandoned ship and cut a new plate, with a few amendments.

Much prefer take two in red! Also way more reprintable as I don’t have to draw in the eyes every time.

The Frog Prints

Waterproof fountain pen ink! I’ve found my white whale!

I’ve lost track of how many inks I’ve tried that a) won’t clog up a fountain pen
b) write/draw smoothly and
c) can cope with a watercolour wash


Behold De Atramentis Document Ink in black (bought from

Barely even needs 10 seconds of dry time before it can cope with water. Pen is Pilot EF, so I’ll try it with a wetter feed pen in future, but so far am loving this combo.


Waterproof fountain pen ink! I’ve found my white whale!

Sketch diary: drawing every day


As a teenager I would draw every single day. Not because I had to, or because I wanted to keep my eye in, but because I just did. It didn’t require discipline and it never felt like a chore.

As an adult, finding the time to draw is much harder: I feel guilty that I should be doing more important things – even in my spare time (and Netflix has a lot to answer for). Anyway, following a bit more travel and some much-needed reflection time, I’ve started drawing again. Here’s to crappy sketches until I start getting it right!


Sketch diary: drawing every day