The Gruffalo lino prints

gruff lino 1
Eek! The mouse is missing a hand! (I fixed this in the final print)

I recently bought this starter Lino Printing kit from Amazon, and I’m actually pretty impressed. Having done lino cutting at school many years ago I assumed it was still a case of ‘hairdryer, get ink in your hair, go home covered in blue plasters’ – but with the new Softcut lino, it’s really good fun. And easy. you just draw a┬ádesign, cut over your pencil lines, and roll on the ink. Simples!

I imagine I’ll be gradually replacing the parts from the kit as my needs increase (for example the print tray is pretty rubbish at being totally flat – I’ve been using a sheet of glass from an old photo frame instead) – but as a starter kit it has everything you need to try it out. Ace ­čÖé

gruff lino 2
Gift for a small person! (The frame didn’t come with the kit)
The Gruffalo lino prints