More lino – and my first 2-colour print!

Been back at the lino with some new cutting tools – the set from Pfiel is sooooo much better, and most importantly can be sharpened (my poor little Essdee blades were blunt and dead.)

Now it’s inked, the rollergirl print style reminds me a bit of the zodiac images you see in horoscopes etc. Maybe I should do a skating zodiac 🙂

Also this month, I tried 2-colour lino for the first time! Still working out things like how to get the two linos to register perfectly – but fairly happy with the result. Behold: The One Ring:

More lino – and my first 2-colour print!

The Frog Prints

The pre-spawn has turned me into a zombie this week, so thought I’d cash in on the down-time and make a tribute to my favourite literary hero: the Frog Prince. Hand-crowned with gold ink:


Below is my first attempt…

Which I was fairly happy with – except for the fact that I had to draw in the eyes, and fill in a bit of the belly with pen (got overenthusiastic with the cutter).

I also learnt that wood filler does NOT fix mistakes permanently. It worked okay for one print, but after rinsing down the lino the wood-filler disintegrated, leaving me with a sticky brown mess in my lino. So I abandoned ship and cut a new plate, with a few amendments.

Much prefer take two in red! Also way more reprintable as I don’t have to draw in the eyes every time.

The Frog Prints

The Gruffalo lino prints

gruff lino 1
Eek! The mouse is missing a hand! (I fixed this in the final print)

I recently bought this starter Lino Printing kit from Amazon, and I’m actually pretty impressed. Having done lino cutting at school many years ago I assumed it was still a case of ‘hairdryer, get ink in your hair, go home covered in blue plasters’ – but with the new Softcut lino, it’s really good fun. And easy. you just draw a design, cut over your pencil lines, and roll on the ink. Simples!

I imagine I’ll be gradually replacing the parts from the kit as my needs increase (for example the print tray is pretty rubbish at being totally flat – I’ve been using a sheet of glass from an old photo frame instead) – but as a starter kit it has everything you need to try it out. Ace 🙂

gruff lino 2
Gift for a small person! (The frame didn’t come with the kit)
The Gruffalo lino prints