Wedding: Children’s favour bags

Katy & Dave Colour Web-348
Photo by Albert Palmer

Being part of two huge families, Dave and I were very aware of age-appropriating our wedding. We had a lovely Church service for the more refined guests, but also wanted to cater for the smaller people (and the big kids) at the reception.

For the children, this meant party bags! Or “favour bags” if we’re being fancy. Obviously there is a tricky line to toe between “I’m too old for a party bag” and “I’m gonna choke on this if left unsupervised”, so we opted for two types: one for the under-twos (made by my gorgeous friend Ellie), and one for the older children, made by Dave and I.

Ellie’s under-twos activity packs were seriously cool…


We had so many comments from parents thanking us for keeping their kids occupied so they could relax and get drunk enjoy the atmosphere.

The older kids mostly entertained themselves, but having sat through SO MANY WEDDING SPEECHES as a child, I thought they might appreciate some entertainment too…


Kinder suprise, ‘queue jump’ for the sweets table, origami paper and dinosaur instructions, metal puzzle, disposable camera and a shot list.

Overall the favour bags went down a treat – even with the older ones. A few just took the camera and the Kinder Egg I think – we assumed they’d just ignore them if they wanted to chill with the adults instead!

Wedding: Children’s favour bags