The Frog Prints

The pre-spawn has turned me into a zombie this week, so thought I’d cash in on the down-time and make a tribute to my favourite literary hero: the Frog Prince. Hand-crowned with gold ink:


Below is my firstĀ attempt…

Which I was fairly happy with – except for the fact that I had to draw in the eyes, and fill in a bit of the belly with pen (got overenthusiastic with the cutter).

I also learnt that wood filler does NOT fix mistakes permanently. It worked okay for one print, but after rinsing down the lino the wood-filler disintegrated, leaving me with a sticky brown mess in my lino. So I abandoned ship and cut a new plate, with a few amendments.

Much prefer take two in red! Also way more reprintable as I don’t have to draw in the eyes every time.

The Frog Prints