Welcome our new family member… the Wacom Cintiq!

Still no baby human yet: just over two weeks ’til due date.

But for the lovers of non-screaming, non-pooping, non-puking acquisitions, here is the Cintiq at work: (you can just about see my very chic homemade sidebar labels, a temporary addition until I remember what shortcuts they all correspond to!)


Totally blown away by this piece of kit. My poor little Intuos 5 in the corner is staring at me in abject horror…

Welcome our new family member… the Wacom Cintiq!

Don’t hate it: change it.


Finally getting round to colouring some old illustrations.


Really impressed with DesignCuts’ recent Photoshop brush offering: the ‘Woodland Wonderland’ brush set from RetroDesignCo.


These are just a few of the brushes, but the whole set is pretty comprehensive. All high res and give really satisfying detail:


Don’t hate it: change it.