I Dress Myself – screen printing workshop

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Last year I did some work with the wonderful Hannah and Pete of I Dress Myself Screen Printing studio. They very kindly ran a one-off workshop for me, so I could learn how to screen print for myself.


After a few doodled ideas I opted for something unknowingly difficult to print… lots of fine lines! (d’oh!) – this was the concept and a screengrab of my potential linework:

Which isn’t actually that different from my finished product! (I flipped the triangle upside-down after realising this would be on a t-shirt, and the last thing I need is an optical illusion of wider hips 😉 )

Also, wasn’t expecting to choose gold ink, but boy I’m glad I did!


Now, the step-by step! First, getting the linework ready to print on acetate (I think Pete did this bit for me, I was clearly faffing with my camera at this point). Also that’s not me in the photo…


Printed the acetates, so I could expose my two screens. We opted not to knock out the linework on the triangle; something I’m grateful for as it would’ve been a pain to line up. Instead we chose to print the white bug directly over the gold triangle, which worked even better than expected (and is lasting fine through the wash).



Mixing a nice grainy gold with gold, copper and a hint of black ink, and setting up the carousel:

Printy print print!


Through the drier…

And onto our bodies! Nice and warm 🙂

Massive thank you to Hannah and Pete for all their help and advice – it was loads of fun, and I learnt so much.


Hannah and Pete don’t run regular workshops, but if you’re interested in hearing about future workshops and events you can sign up to their mailing list.

I Dress Myself – screen printing workshop