Homemade wedding confetti cones

I didn’t realise this before, but it’s becoming more and more common for couples to provide their own wedding confetti. I guess it prevents guests from bringing confetti that doesn’t biodegrade – but it’s also a nice thing when your guests have travelled a long way and – damn – forgotten the confetti. (This is me at every wedding I’ve ever been to.)

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Photo by Albert Palmer

We had dried flower petals (eBay) and paper cones. Newspaper would have worked just fine, and was definitely in the running, before I remembered I’d be wearing a white dress that attracts inky fingerprints…

Ridiculously easy to make – Once the kit arrived, I felt a little silly for buying it as a kit in the first place. It consisted of 50 little squares of paper and some super-skinny double-sided tape – that’s it! Admittedly the paper was lovely, it was cut out from old maps. So there was that.

Here’s a lovely little tutorial for making confetti cones – I only did steps 1-3, because I am a lazy bride.

My advice for making confetti cones:

– Use thin paper, not card! They don’t need to be robust, and card just makes them ‘ping’ open. Not great if they’re full of confetti.

– Devise a way of storing them when full of confetti. Perhaps a layer of chicken wire in a box, and poke them in the holes. I didn’t think of this until the night before the wedding when I was making them…

– Consider just putting all your confetti in a box, and asking guests to scoop out a coneful each. My bridesmaids were handing them out of the Church and it was lovely!

– Bubbles also make excellent confetti!

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Photo by Albert Palmer
Homemade wedding confetti cones