Don’t hate it: change it.


Finally getting round to colouring some old illustrations.


Really impressed with DesignCuts’ recent Photoshop brush offering: the ‘Woodland Wonderland’ brush set from RetroDesignCo.


These are just a few of the brushes, but the whole set is pretty comprehensive. All high res and give really satisfying detail:


Don’t hate it: change it.

Wedding and other sketches

Been working on some new bits lately; here’s a sneak-peek:


Sampson-next-door and Kyo. They both know Kyo’s apparently the bigger cat…

Some wedding bits – trying to get back into subtle characterisation; am very much enjoying the more simplified style.


Wedding and other sketches

Sketch diary: drawing every day


As a teenager I would draw every single day. Not because I had to, or because I wanted to keep my eye in, but because I just did. It didn’t require discipline and it never felt like a chore.

As an adult, finding the time to draw is much harder: I feel guilty that I should be doing more important things – even in my spare time (and Netflix has a lot to answer for). Anyway, following a bit more travel and some much-needed reflection time, I’ve started drawing again. Here’s to crappy sketches until I start getting it right!


Sketch diary: drawing every day